BHAMALA STUPA بهامالا اسٹوپ

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The larges Buddhist civilization in Pakistan.

Sir Sufian Malik and Sir John Marshall first excavated the site in 1929 near Haripur, and work continued until the early 1930s. Excavations resumed in 2017. The Restoration of the ruins (mainly the Stupa) Bhamala Stupa, it was nominated at UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The site, as of June 2015, is under the control of Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Government of Pakistan.

They are uniquely significant in the Gandhara civilization, the largest surviving example of a particular cross-like stupa that resembles the Aztec pyramids and more recently, the site of the discovery of the world’s oldest ‘Maha Pari Nirvana’ statue which depicts the death of Buddha. It was found alongside a double-halo Buddha statue, the first of its kind to be found in the history of the Buddhist civilization in Pakistan.

Bhamala Stupa, Haripur, Pakistan.

Where is located Bhamala Stupa?

It is situated only 63 km form capital territory of Pakistan (Islamabad), 28 km form Haripur city and only 11 km form Khanpur dam. Google maps link

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