Top 10 Places in Murree, You Should Visite


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Muree, The Best Tourist Point of Pakistan

Murree Pakistan
Snow at Murree Point

Murree which is not very far than Rawalpindi city is the most famous hill resort in Pakistan. In Murree you can enjoy chair lift, snow fall, beautiful view and much more. It is advised not to visit Murree on special occasions of Pakistan like Eid .In these days the crowd goes to very high level.

Below is the list of Top places in Murree

  • The Mall Road
  • Pindi Point
  • Kashmir Point
  • Patriata (New Murree)
  • Nathiagali
  • Ghora Gali
  • Ayubia

The Mall Road

GPO Office of Murree Road
GPO Office of Murree Road

First in our list of “top places in murree” is the Mall Road of Murree was very nice and attractive place for families and couples. Mall Road that is the most famous marketplace in Murree. Here you will find all the unique items of Murree. People love to walk over there to enjoy the pleasant weather with yummy food items as well. Visiting The Mall Road is a “must” if you enjoy watching people. Yes, it does get crowded on the street at night. But if you like to sit, drink tea, and watch people, this is an ideal place to do it.

 Indeed, a mall road full of life, hotels, restaurants, and handicraft items and happy faces.

Mall Road is a historical street full of shops and restaurants in Murree. A famous destination for Murree visitors, you can walks on this road with your friends and family to enjoy the shopping and amazing weather of Murree together.


Pindi Point

Second place in top places in murree is Pindi Point. Pindi Point is a landmark area of the beautiful mountainous city of Murree. Pindi Point has a beautiful view mountains and lush green trees. The chair lift has a beautiful view. The scenery from chairlift is a marvelous experience. Pindi Point is on almost 15 minutes’ walk from the Mall Road. You love to take a Chairlift ride that take down you to 1.5 km from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali. Moreover the richly green mountains with the zigzag road is amazing to watch from top. Tall pine trees standing throughout the journey.

Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point Murree
Kashmir Point Murree

Kashmir Point is a most crowded area of Murree because rush of mall road also comes here to see this beautiful place. Now Kashmir Point is having bazaar with variety of food courts and shopping places. Kashmir Point that is full of serenity. Nearer to GPO and a fifteen minutes’ walk that will lead to Kashmir Point. A magnificent point in Murree offers peacefulness away from the hustle bustle of main Murree.

The view of Kashmir Mountains with pleasant climate is always captivating for the tourist. Amuzment park for is a best place at Kashmir point for children and families. Also you must ride the safari train, it will get to into the beautiful scenarios along with the greenery, governor house, and the clouds floating. It’s simply awesome

Patriata (New Murree)

Patriata Murrree Chair Lift
Patriata Murrree Chair Lift

Patriata is a famous place also called New Murree. Patriata is a great created mountain resort having tall trees with beautiful green hills. Patriata is famous for its chairlift which is located on walk distance, it’s a world-class ski lift managed as an international standard. The total traveling area is about 7 km where you enjoy chairlift & cable car. Patriata having beautiful Kashmir Mountains and chairlift takes you on the top point of mountain. Furthermore, great high risen trees, beautiful hills is a treat for couples and family to enjoy their vacation in this region. Many tourist visit daily for a birds-eye view of Kashmir green hills.


 Bhurban, Murree
Bhurban, Murree

Bhurban is one of the more picturesque places in the country, and is a tourist paradise with unique flora, and a fauna with a variety species not found elsewhere in Pakistan. It is known for scenic hiking trails in the nearby Ayubia National Park. Bhurban became the most favorite tourist spot in Murree because of its lush green landscapes along with pleasant environment that is full of calmness. And if you choose to stay in PC Bhurban then the treat is double. The lavish amenities with enchanting landscapes is always preferable for the visitor. Bhurban is situated at a distance of 13 kilometers from Murree, one of the main roads leading to Azad Kashmir.


Nathiagali Morning
Nathiagali Morning

The Galliyat plays an important role in all Murree District and Nathiagali is the most visited Gali in Murree. For instance,. Nathia Gali or Nathiagali is a mountain resort town or hill station in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is a part of the Galyat range, where several hill-stations are situated, closely connected to each other, and with their names mostly ending in ‘Gali’. Nathiagali is known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather, which is much cooler than the rest of the Galyat due to it being at a greater altitude.

Nathiagali is situated at 35 kilometers from Murree and from Abbottabad it is elevated at an altitude of 8400 ft, lying midway between these two places. The drive time from Islamabad is usually about two hours, unless there is a lot of traffic. Further, the Nathiagali offers astonishing views with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks of Kashmir and Kohistan. In clear climate, the immense mountains of Nanga Parbat can be clearly seen.


Ayubia​, Murree
Ayubia​, Murree

It has four small hill stations named known as Ghora Daka, Khanspur; Changla Gali and Khairagali. These four resorts scattered over an area of about 26 kms are now being developed as a modern hill resort complex. When fully developed, Ayubia will provide modern comfort and conveniences including hotels, restaurants and facilities for summer and winter sports. Ayubia is another cool place near Murree. Ayubia is the most visited spot after Nathiagali.

It is best picnic spot in Murree as it also possesses an Ayubia National Park which is elevated at 1,050 meters. Additionally, it is spread over 3,027 meters at the mountain tops within the valleys. This park provides refuge to the elusive leopard and the black bear. Bird watching is excellent here. Some of the bird species pass through the park on migration. The population of the Koklass Pheasant and the rare Kalij Pheasant are the highest known for Pakistan. Only 30 individuals of the Kalij Pheasant are known to exist in the park. In richly green mountains of Murree with pleasant climate thousands of tourists.

Ghora Gali

Lawrence College, Murree
Lawrence College, Murree

Many hotels and resorts are there to serve many of the tourist visiting Ghora Gali. The yummy mouthwatering food with the amazing scenic views is a must have experience once in a lifetime.

Ghora Gali features a 1,100 m long chairlift that goes from Ghora Gali to Pindi Point. TDCP offers a tourist stopover that is situated amidst the picturesque circumventions of Ghara Gali, and is a popular and highly recommended short stay destination. In integration TDCP has a roadside facility and snack bar here.

Ghora Gali is also a Union council, an administrative subdivision, of Murree Tehsil in Rawalpindi District Lawrence College is situated there, which is a famous place of Murree.

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